Card Play (Declarer)


  1. Trump losers in the short hand before clearing trumps
  2. There should be a good reason for not clearing trumps
  3. Do not draw to the remaining master trump without good reason
  4. Set up long suits in dummy
  5. Finess with 8 trumps but not with 9
  6. With a KJ holding, finesse the J to draw the Ace
  7. Cover an honour with an honour
  8. Lead into an honour
  9. Ruff in the shorter hand, not the longer hand of trumps
  10. Equalise the count in 8 card suits
  11. Keep control
  12. Be careful to keep a trump if you have losers in the end game
  13. In NT, take your losers early
  14. Count the cards (at least the honours)