Finding A Slam


Bidding and playing a slam (12 tricks) is quite rare but earns big bonus points.  If you and your partner have a very strong hand (33 points plus) or a fit of extraordinary quality, then a slam should be explored.

By checking how many Aces and Kings you hold between both hands, you can bid a slam with confidence.

The convention we use to count Aces and Kings is called Blackwood (4NT).

The Gerber (4C) convention, like Blackwood is a way of determining the number of Aces when looking for a slam.  Gerber is only used when the partnership has agreed that the contract will be in NT.

Roman Key Card (4NT) is a commonly used variant of Blackwood. The king of trumps is counted as an Ace (so there are 5 aces). Trumps are defined as the last suit bid.

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