Opening Leads


The opening lead is the first line of attack when taking a contract down. Making the right lead often makes a difference in the final score.

Good Leads against a trump contract

  • AK in a non trump suit
  • Top of a sequence (e.g. KQ) in a non trump suit
  • A singleton even if it's an Ace (not trumps)
  • Partner's suit

Average leads against a trump contract

  • The top of a doubleton (High/low)
  • Play low to promise an honour in that suit
  • Middle card of rubbish. Follow this with the higher card and then the lower (middle,up,down MUD)
  • Trumps

Bad leads against a trump contract

  • Never lead an Ace unless it is a singleton
  • Never lead from a suit with an Ace

Good leads against No Trumps

  • 4th highest card of your longest suit unless opposition have bid it (this is the most common lead)
  • Dummy's second suit
  • An unbid major suit
  • Partner's suit
  • Top of three card sequence (e.g. AKQ or KQJ or J109)

Bad leads against no trumps

  • Declarers first suit (if you have this suit hold your fire)
  • High cards in any suit (unless a sequence) because you will need them to keep control of the suit