Negative Double


This is a form of takeout double. 

A negative double is only used after your partner has opened and has been overcalled. The maximum level at which a negative double is used is determined by partnership agreement.


To use a negative double the responder must have at least 6 points and a four card unbid major suit.


If the bidding has reached the two level then the responder should have at least 8 points when using a negative double e.g. 1D- 2C - DBL


The opener must rebid. The opener can rebid normally in the knowledge that the responder has at least 6 points and a four card major suit.


There is no maximum point count (unless agreed) for a negative double. The responder can show a stronger hand in the next round of bidding.


If both majors have been bid then a negative double shows both minors.


A negative double can also be used when the responder has a weak hand with a long major suit and doesn't want to bid at two level but wants to show the major.

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